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- Victoria - 

Pink Bow

Meet our lovely girl, Vicky! She came to us as puppy, born & well socialized on my parents beautiful farm in Iowa. She is a sweet friendly girl and doesn't take long to make friends. She is very loyal and loves belly & back rubs. Her favorite game is fetch! It seems  she really can't get enough of it!! 

Vicky has a beautiful, sleek black, tan and white coat with reddish curls on her back, adding to her stunning beauty.  

Vicky is a wonderful mother!! 

to see Vicky's 3-generation pedigree.

Registered Name: Showalter's Majestic Victoria

Birthdate: 2/07/18

AKC #: WS60062103

Hips: GOOD

Elbows: NORMAL


~ Bella ~


This is our beautiful, sweet girl Bella. She was also born & tenderly cared for from my parents beautiful line of purebred Bernese. She is taller and has more white on her face, nose and chest. She is a lovely sleek Black, with tan and white. Bella has a very sweet nature and is very loyal to her master. She has been trained to sit & shake and walks like a queen beside me.  She is a very caring mother!

Pink Bow

to see Bella's 

3-generation pedigree.

Registered Name:

Bella Rosalee Showalter

Birthdate: 01/24/18

AKC #: WS60062005

Hips: GOOD


"I love to play!"

Meet our beautiful


IMG_8847 (3).JPG

Bailey is our beautiful gentle lady. Her markings are pristine! She is a very good mom and takes great care of her puppies.

                               bailey's pedigree. 

IMG_2072 (2).JPG

You are my



Sunshine is our newest girl at Champion Bernese. She's beautiful from 'head to toe' and so sweet. She loves to be petted and loved on. Her favorite past-time is romping with Bella and the other girls. 

Registered Name: You are my "Sunshine"

Birthdate: May 17, 2017

AKC #: ws57925007



~ Sargas ~


Sargas was imported from The Slovak Republic to Water Oak Farm in 2015.  He was born at Balihara Ranch and was bred by Jana Stefancova.  His pedigree boasts a long line of international champions and/or title holders. Sargas is very humble and sweet with the friendliest disposition.  He never meets a stranger, is very loyal and LOVES attention. He weighs in at 120 lbs.  Sargas has excellent manners and is quite the gentleman. He has a heavy coat with some natural curl to it. His conformation is beautiful with an excellent bite. He is always happy to see you and loves to run and play. He always comes back when called and will sit on your feet. He has the classic Berner "lean" when wanting attention. He is perfectly happy to be loved on. 

We love Sargas, this handsome stunning male and we're so happy to have this big boy a part of our breeding program! He has settled in so well and loves frolicking with our girls. :) His build is quite impressive, and yet he is very active. 


to see Sargas's

3-generation pedigree, and other papers.

Registered Name:



Birthdate: 05/07/2015

AKC #: WS51913303

Hips: FAIR

Elbows: NORMAL


Ronald is a 14 lb. Mini Poodle that has proven to produce outstanding tri-colored puppies! We are excited to use him in our breeding program.

Weight: 14 lbs

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