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FAQ and other info
"How do I know a BMD is the right kind of pet for me?"

That's a good question! Buying a puppy is a serious and long-term commitment, that requires training, extra expenses, and care to provide your puppy with a healthy and loving environment.  We do our best to ensure you are getting a healthy, well-cared and socialized puppy! A bit about the breed: The Bernese are friendly, easygoing and loyal. They love to be right at your heels, interested in whatever you're doing. They are alert and good-natured. Coming from a working background, they enjoy the challenge of learning new things. They should be obedience trained because of their large size at an early age to make them pleasant household companions. Their natural instincts to guard and work on the farm still carry over in the breed today. The Bernese makes a good watchdog, and is even better at herding and draft work. Draft work is demonstrated in field trails for Bernese mountain dogs and popular with owners today. The dogs are judged on ability to both pull and have control over a cart. As a family pet, the Bernese will enjoy some physical work and a job to do.

They are eager to please! :) You can find even more info about the Bernese here.

"When can I take my puppy home?" 

The soonest your new puppy will be ready for his or her new home is 7-8 weeks old. We would like to keep our puppies for a full seven weeks at least. It seems these first weeks are crucial for the puppies to learn valuable lessons from their Mama and litter mates that will last their entire lifetime and help make them secure, socially adapted, and better pets for you! :-) You can come to our home to pick up your furry friend, we can meet at an agreed location for a small additional cost, or we can ship the pup via air. The price for shipping is a flat rate of $675 which includes the airfare, health certificate and crate.

"How much do they cost?" 

You can pay the $300 deposit on the puppy of your choice. You  pay the balance when pup is 7 weeks old.  Call me for pricing for Pet registration pricing & Full AKC breeding\show rights. The total cost will be cost plus 6% sales tax if picking up your puppy in KY. We accept money order via mail or PayPal as well, there is an additional 3% charge with PayPal.


Call today! (606)-303-3072

We give our dogs NuVet Labs! It is an ideal supplement that improves the overall health of the dogs, and they love it.

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