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Hello, we are Josh & Abby!

So pleased you found us here at Champion Bernese! It is our desire, that if you are looking here for a puppy companion, to make the process a smooth and easy breeze, and one you'll never regret!


We live on a lovely property in the country, where our dogs run freely, enjoying the sunshine, grass and the freedom to roam. 

We have been familiar with the Bernese for a number of years, as I (Abby) helped to raise and sell these beautiful dogs for 10+ years on my family's farm! You can check out their website at


Call today! (606)-303-3072


Our dogs love "helping" wherever they can! 


Vicky as a pup!

She loves cooling off in the pond! 


"These two

are the

best of



A Fall time walk in the woods

Simple Maple Leaves
Dry Yellow Leaf

Our family on a recent trip to Haiti

IMG_7192 (2).JPG
IMG_5570 (2).JPG
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